Fifty Years of Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team

CAMERON McNEISH, Writer & Television Presenter

THE dreadful accident in Glasgow at the weekend has concentrated our minds on the vital work done by our various rescue services and I guess we’re approaching that time of the year when our mountain search and rescue teams are preparing for what could be another busy season.

A while back Willie Anderson, leader of the Cairngorm MRT, mentioned to me that the team was approaching their 50th anniversary and when I mentioned this to Richard Else he thought it would make a great subject for a BBC documentary.

Richard and I were both aware that it’s not easy making films about MR teams. We’ve done it in the past, with varying degrees of success, and it’s very difficult getting that fine line right between sensitivity and voyeurism.

MOUNTAIN RESCUE DVD CoverIn this case I think Richard has done a superb job, particularly in capturing the camaraderie between team members, and in…

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