Need help with your adventures?

About me

Being outdoors is an addiction for me. Not only do I get cabin fever but I also find myself incredibly irritating to people around me who suffer from my twitching if I don’t get fresh air and a long romp over moorland or mountains regularly. There is nothing like the feeling of the wind on your face (even if it comes with rain) to make you feel alive – it’s a perfect ‘reset button’ to the hazards of modern life.

Any chance I get I am out hiking or climbing and I always have some sort of adventure planned, no matter how big or small. I also love travel and seeing new cultures and so you’ll find some of my other adventures on here too.

When I’m not romping over the mountains or dreaming up the next overseas adventure, I work for a charity inspiring positive changes and providing second chances to young people.

I am also an active call-out member of my local Mountain Rescue Team, lead the odd cycle rides and addicted to climbing and trail running.

Want help with your adventure?

I am a fully insured and qualified Mountain Leader, with over 10 years experience delivering high quality Mountain days all over the UK.

I regularly work across the UK with youth groups, schools and colleges, as a fully qualified DofE Assessor and Instructor. I support young people through their Duke of Edinburgh award – training, supervising and assessing their expeditions at Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

I also regularly work around the UK providing adults with a variety of adventures in the outdoors – from supporting people with health conditions to climb Snowdon to charity challenges on the Yorkshire 3 Peaks.

I also deliver Navigational training courses covering the basics right through to night navigation. I also deliver the National Navigation Award Scheme (NNAS).

I love inspiring people outdoors and seeing them get hooked on the bug of adventure that only self-reliance in the elements can bring. I’ll never forget the girl from inner city Manchester who was excited to be in the mist on the top of the Langdale Pike’s in the Lake District, as she could ‘touch the sky’.

I’ve also been an Ordnance Survey’s #GetOutside Champion 2017-19, promoting ways to access the outdoors.

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7 thoughts on “Need help with your adventures?

  1. Thanks for the recent visit to (and follow of) my blog. It had the happy consequence of leading me here and I’ve very much enjoyed reading your recent posts detailing your hiking adventures. Great stuff!

  2. Tinkerbell, the first paragraph sums up pretty much how I feel. Though I have to admit I have not been quite so yourself, sticking mainly to my own locality Great blog !!!!

    • Thanks for reading. I think adventure is within us all, however great or small, and most of my walking is in my local area too so there’s nothing wrong with that!!

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