Business Development Days

We have a lot of experience working with organisations and we love how learning new skills and being outdoors helps develop teams who in turn are more likely to help achieve business goals. 

We know that when staff are happy and succeeding they have a much better work/life balance and are more loyal, while developing deeper relationships in their roles.

Our range of team challenges can provide a great experience to develop individuals, building their confidence and leadership skills, and help you identify the hidden stars in your organisation.

Run by Emily Thompson, a qualified project manager and a charity director, she is also very experienced in managing challenge events, as well as a qualified first aider and Mountain Leader. Our climbing days are run by Rock Climbing Instructor Jared Kitchen who has years of experience teaching novices both indoors and outdoors.

We can build leadership development days to build skills in your individuals or add inspiration and motivation to your business planning or staff away day.

Every day is tailored specifically to your needs and the list of activities is endless. Get in touch to discuss your needs:

Summit mountains as a team day

Snowdon, Scafell Pike, The Langdale Pikes, the list is endless! Designed to be fun and bring people together and a great way to raise funds for your organisation’s chosen charity.

Complete Challenges

National 3 Peaks, Yorkshire 3 Peaks, Welsh 3,000’s, complete Hadrian’s Wall – just a flavour or some of the challenges that we can help you achieve. Challenges that create healthy competition, provide groups with an adventure and inspire ambition in individuals.

Test your skills: Treasure hunts

Provide healthy competition in your organisation and identify your competitive staff with leadership skills. Staff will learn navigation skills and then put themselves to the test in team challenges to solve puzzles and find prizes.

This can often be a great half day activity to mix up your business planning day and get people out and active.

Test your skills: Rock Climbing

Ideal for a small group of people interested in challenging themselves and building their confidence.

A day out climbing can be a great way of team bonding and enabling staff to challenge themselves.