Bivvying and the art of knowing when to change plans


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I’ll admit to a great deal of procrastinating about heading out for an over night expedition. I love sleeping wild and love big adventures, but I also don’t like to put myself in situations where I can’t be self reliant … Continue reading

GR20 – days 11-13 – the end is in sight!


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The last 3 days of the GR20 seemed to whizz by. That said it was still a mental challenge; the weather was scorching hot and become hotter as we lost altitude each day, my ankle started to complain about walking … Continue reading

GR20 – day 9 and 10 – and then it rained


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We knew once leaving Vizzavona that the days would be longer and have to be at a faster pace, but that the walking would still be tricky with huge ascents (and descents) and just as much rock. But, having slept … Continue reading

The GR20 – days 5 and 6 Onwards to Manganu


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After the excitement and hardwork of the Cirque de Solitude we assumed that the hardest part of the route was behind us. In terms of technicality we didn’t come across anything quite as difficult, but the pace was to pick … Continue reading