Do you hate networking in a room full of people eager to thrust their business card at you and sell you their product?

Me too!!

Frankly I find I have better conversations with people when I’m outdoors. I take time to genuinely find out about them, their family, their latest holiday, why they work in their industry. Crucially not to sell to one another but actively listen.

Netwalks was born out of a desire to meet other business professionals without having to do a hard sell to a room full of people, one by one.

Netwalks also provides an opportunity to get away from the office and get exercise, fresh air and relax. Time away from the computer screen can only ever be a good thing. As well as being good for your physical and mental health it’s also where you find time to think creatively and have those moments of inspiration.

No-one remembers the 60 second pitch over a pint but you do remember laughing in the fresh air with someone.

Tinkadventures runs Netwalks around West Yorkshire. Join us to escape the stress of work, chat with colleagues and make new connections.


Walks will be around 3-5 miles and be at a leisurely pace, as it’s more important we get to chat than it is to smash out the miles.

All walks start at 9.30am and last until around 11.30am. You get a couple of hours of friendly chat in the fresh air and a lovely guided walk. And a promise we’re not going to talk sales.


In partnership with Freshwalks we are running longer business networking walks across Yorkshire for those of you who fancy a full day networking outdoors.

All walks start around 9.30am and last until approx 3.30pm and where possible we will finish at a local pub. Walks are around 10 miles in length.

There are no upcoming events at this time

What others have said:

If you like getting away from your desk and doing something different; for you, your team, clients or your events this could be one for you…

What a great idea, meeting new people away from screens and conference / meeting rooms, a different approach to networking. Right up my street; walking, out in the Yorkshire countryside, meeting new people, sharing insights and experiences, what’s not to like.

Natalie, Client Ambassador,Five Talents Creative Design

It’s virtually impossible to feel negative energy whilst walking in the open fresh air. Thats why it’s the perfect way of really getting to know people and making great connections.

Dylan, Data Analyst

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