Navigation Courses

You’ve walked some great routes but have always been with a group and you’re keen to get out on the hill, either on your own or leading a group of friends. Or maybe you have a dream adventure you’re planning and want to ensure you have a great time and succeed.

Tinkadventures provides a range of navigational courses should you wish to build your confidence in the outdoors and increase your skills map reading. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never used a map or if you’re confident being out and want to get never get lost again!

Our range of courses cover the basics to get you started, right through to advanced techniques.  We are also registered National Navigation Awards Scheme Providers.

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Our standard course dates are listed below. However, if the dates don’t suit or you want some one to one tuition, we can offer any of the courses below as a private course.

Tinkadventures are committed to ensuring that everyone has equal opportunity to attend our courses.  If you feel you may need additional support to attend, please do let us know so we can facilitate this.

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Introduction to Navigation

If you’ve never used a map before or its been a long time this course is for you.

You will learn to navigate in the countryside using paths, tracks and other linear features. By the end of the course you will be confident to undertake countryside and low level walks anywhere in the UK.

You will gain a Level 1 NNAS Bronze award.

Develop your Navigation Skills

If you’ve done some map reading before and want to gain more confidence navigating away from paths on open countryside in more complex terrain this course is for you.

You will also learn accurate compass work and an ability to use appropriate navigational techniques to go across country in some cases, eg. choosing an appropriate attack point.

You will gain a Level 2 NNAS Silver award.

Master Navigation

For those who want to be navigational masters and be confident in poor visibility away from footpaths on remote, poorly defined terrain.

You will develop skills required to navigate to detailed features, such as specific contour features and be masters in using pacing and timing to walk a route.

You will learn complex navigation strategies such as back bearings and using aspect of slope to identify your location, as well as gain the confidence to navigate in poor visibility and darkness.

You will gain a Level 3 NNAS Gold award.

Night Navigation

Spend an evening with us gaining confidence navigating in the dark. Its great if you already know how to use a compass as you’ll get more out of the session, but if you’re a beginner you’re still more than welcome.

Skills learnt are also useful for navigating in poor weather.