Privacy Policy

Tinkadventures is the trading name for Emily Thompson. We are registered with the Information Commission’s Office for data protection reference: ZA786058

Information held:

  • Enquiries from non customers – message, name and email address – received via our website and email. Held for up to a year and used to answer queries and follow up.
  • Mailing list – held on Mailchimp – name and email address. Populated by people from our website or from completing a booking form. Email newsletters allow for unsubscribing from newsletters at any point.
  • Health and registration forms – completed via emailed form, used for class management and kept for 6 years for insurance purposes.
  • Attendance registers – data collected in class. Used for class management and held for 6 years for insurance purposes
  • Emails – send from clients and non clients. Important emails kept for 2 years.
  • Payment data – all payment is taken either via Eventbrite or Paypal – no personal card details are received by us.
  • Website cookies set automatically by our software. We do not knowingly access these or pass to third parties.
  • Except where required by law we do not share data with third parties. We do not sell contact lists
  • Information held by Tinkadventures is accessed by staff working for Tinkadventures as required on a needs basis.

For queries about Data Protection please contact

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