Phnom Kulem National Park


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Heading nearly 50km outside of Siem Reap into the Phnom Kulem National Park we had a more relaxing day of visiting temples and waterfalls planned. Phnom Kulem is considered the birthplace of the Khmer Empire and the temple of Phreah … Continue reading

Cycling Angkor’s Temples


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Having spent a few days wandering around Siem Reap and dodging the traffic, I have to admit I was a bit wary about the idea of jumping on a bicycle to head around the Angkor temple complex. In the end … Continue reading

Social enterprises in Cambodia


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Its hard to travel in a country like Cambodia and not be affected by the poverty that exists. A relic from the conflicts and genocide under the Khmer Rouge that has left a country, with a powerful and glorious history, … Continue reading

Arriving in Cambodia – a week in Siem Reap


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Cambodia provides a fascinating mix of history and culture along with a beautiful environment, neither feeling ruined by extensive over-development by tourism. My first encounter with the country perhaps gave a very jet lagged me, the wrong impression of the people I … Continue reading