Commemorating my best friend

Two things have happened this week. I finally got around to seeing some friends in Cumbria for the first time this year, and my 14 year old dog died.

The two things do not combine well for a post but heading off to Cumbria made me think about all of the trips around the Lakeland Fells which Dougal did over the years.


Dougal, a labradoodle we got from a rescue centre when he was about 1 year old, loved to dig in rivers and bark at the stones. He would like nothing more than finding the largest rock to keep, which he could barely fit in his mouth to drag out of the river, and he got very upset when you insisted he left it behind. There’s been many a brick he tried to take home.


He loved climbing mountains and has bagged more than some of my friends and certainly didn’t mind a night under canvas, though I spared him from wild camping trips.

In 2004 he climbed Ben Nevis on a very wet and foggy day, and that is the only mountain that ever left him aching and hobbling around, so the day after we spent the day heads out of the window on the steam train to Mallaig.

This is him at the summit of Scafell Pike with my mum in 2005, wet and misty as usual.


And this is him (ear’s blowing in the wind) when we headed off on the second leg of the Pennine Way, from Standedge to Todmorden.

7 blackstone edge

He never shied away from daft outfits or having his photo taken. This is from a very windy day on Eagle Crag when mum was convinced he was going to get ear ache.


Dougal loved travelling and only last month did he get to spend a month touring Scotland with mum and dad. I’m definitely going to miss him x

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  1. Just reading back through some of your posts and sadly read about Dougal. Very sorry that you lost him but by the sounds of it you have many great memories of him. I still think of my first 2 dogs who used to go walking with me many moons ago. We even used to go swimming in lakes, rivers and even on one occasion the sea! I miss them but I have lovely memories and pictures which helps reduce the sadness.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I still miss him but know that we had great times together and its that what matters most. He wasn’t much good at swimming though x

      1. well, both of my previous dogs could swim well, its just that one of them was a bit of a princess and didnt want to!

        Funny the little things you remember about them

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