Travelling, a prayer for teleportation

I love travelling.
Or rather I love arriving new places unexplored by me before. I actually hate travelling.

Sitting in airports, waiting, in transit.

Flying to Cambodia has taken a very long time.
I had a 40 min flight to London, a 11 1/2 hour flight to Hong Kong and then 2 hours 45 to Cambodia. That’s 15 hours and 5 mins of flying. But then in between all that there’s been a lot of sitting about for flights making the whole journey 22 hours or so.
A whole day almost!

And in that duration I wandered around when I could, read, browsed over priced shops of stuff I don’t need, watched a tiny TV, ate prepacked reheated meals and drank rocket fuel strong coffee so I arrived in Cambodia spaced out, sleep deprived and confused. And minus my luggage which had a nice stop over in Hong Kong.

But I love seeing new places and so I travel. The world is huge and too big to see places more than once so I’m in Cambodia determined to see as much as I can while in here.
So there’s going to be a lot more travelling…..

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