Book Review // Peak Bagging: Wainwrights

I wasn’t specifically setting out to doing the wainwrights but having bagged quite a few over the years it now seems like finishing them is a reasonable challenge, especially since I now fell run.

I wish I’d had Peak Bagging: Wainwrights when I first started out! The trouble with not intending to bag wainwrights is the chances are there’s walks done which haven’t been efficient for gaining the most summits, however amazing the routes might have been.

The routes are well laid out following the books of Sir Alfred. Each route has a clear layout with a start grid reference, expected time and distance, and a chart for timing to each summit dependant on the speeds for each category (walker, trekker, fast packer and trail runner) there’s also a clear route map too.

My only issue with the book is the use of the Jones Ross formula for working out the timings, as an inexperienced walker will assume they’re in the ‘walker’ category. This however sets a pace of 5 kmph which is quite fast for most walkers.

Some of the routes are logical, following horseshoes or classic ridgeline linkups, others a bit contrived.

I’m not sure I’d do the Coniston round without including Wetherlam, or do the under Skiddaw route which includes Skiddaw Little Man but not the main summit. These are like this to prevent summits featuring twice, but this is where you’re likely to use the book for inspiration and then start to deviate from routes.

There are some great ideas for collecting some of the more obscure summits, those small enough to be potentially rubbish walks. Ideas like encircling Elterwater will link these up perfectly.

I love this book. Both to see I’ve not made too many strategic errors in former peak bagging trips which could have resulted in lone summits requiring a revisit. But also for the inspiration, beautiful photos and route ideas.

I’m not about to suggest there’s only 45 walks to do in the lakes to get the Wainwright summits bagged, but there’s some great inspiring routes for potential adventures.

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