Book Review // 1001 Walking Tips

For anyone new to an activity, knowing where to start with finding information can be hard. Getting into hiking is no different. There’s a myriad of information to absorb, skills to learn and gear to buy. Here’s where Paul Besley’s 1001 Walking Tips fills a much needed gap for newcomers to hiking.

This is a fabulous collection of tips to get the most of being outdoors in all weathers.

The book covers topics including: the basics, navigation, staying safe, walking long distances, walking environments, winter walking, gear, clothing, and a whole load of other top tips – there is bound to be a nugget of gold in here for everyone. 

While on the face of it, it looks like a list of short tips, it actually contains detailed instructions in simple steps, such as, map reading, using a gps device accurately and using winter walking gear. 

What I love most about this book is the celebration of the local and the small, such as urban adventures being of of as much value as huge treks, and how to get the most out of time outdoors when you can’t get far away. 

This a great book for anyone starting out in their outdoor adventures and a great present for any would be adventurer.

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