Camping food review // RightonTrek

I was recently contacted by RightonTrek keen for a review of their new camping food. Being a vegetarian I got their Mac and Cheese to review, so I took it on a recent solo camping trip to Switzerland.

RightonTrek are an American adventure food company who produce a range of freeze dried meals for camping adventures, and have everything from vegetarian, vegan and kept covered in their meals.

I have to start by saying I didn’t read the bag when I packed this for my trip, assuming as it was freeze dried that it was a pour-water-in-and-wait type of meal.

However, the meal is definitely not that at all as it required the pasta to be boiled in a pan over low heat and then the dried cheese sauce adding with the flavourings.

Luckily when I arrived I found myself staying on a campsite with a fully kitted kitchen which made this possible. It wasn’t particularly difficult to cook but as I’d flow I’d taken only a small pan and stove so this would have been impossible on my camping cook set.

In addition to the powdered cheese sauce it also came with herbs which definitely added a nice taste to the meal. It also came with an additional spicy pepper sachet which I decided not to add as it was spicy enough for me.

The final meal was tasty and enough for an evening meal with some bread to mop up.


As a camp food this RightonTrek meal is a bit limited to campsites where there is the opportunity to cook for a long time with a large pan, as well as facilities to wash up and dispose of the multiple plastic packets involved.

So for me it doesn’t really work for wild camping situations. Its also quite low in calories compared to some wild camping meals where higher calories are needed.

Compared to other camp food on the market however, I think this is definitely a good brand for taste as I’ve had some really terrible Mac and Cheese meals in a bag which lack flavour and spiciness.

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