Book review // Mont Blanc Lines

Sometimes I get asked to review some beautiful books. Mont Blanc Lines is definitely one of those. It succeeds in not only having beautiful images of the Mont Blanc massif in a coffee table book format but also providing detailed topos and stories.

Mont Blanc Lines provides detailed images of all the main climbing lines on the faces and subsidiary peaks, alongside the history of climbing on these faces and a more recent climbing story.

The images are stunning and inspiring and while the book doesn’t replace the need for studying a guidebook, being able to see the route topos adds to the inspiration for future climbs.

If I have any issues with this book it is only that it randomly includes the Matterhorn and the Eiger at the back.

Neither of these are part of the Mont Blanc massif and should instead be included in similar guides of the Swiss massifs to start a coffee table collection of beautiful Alpine books.

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