Pennine Way starting out Day 1

Having embarked on the mission to finish the Pennine Way soon, I thought I’d share some old photos of the route from when I first started, back in 2006.

Day 1- Edale to Standedge – 29 miles/46.7km

Edale is a fantastic place to start a long distance trail, easy access on the train from Manchester and Sheffield and a really easy to follow route to start you off.

2dad from edale

3packhorse bridge

From following the track along the valley you eventually head up Jacobs Ladder a steep brutal ascent to get onto the Kinder Plateau. I’ve been up Kinder many times since and still haven’t seen a view from the top! In mist this isn’t the easiest area to navigate.

6 kinder
9 path down from kinder

The route along this section has some great metal signposts by the Peak and Northern Footpath Society. This one is looking back to Kinder and the route back to Edale.

The path continues to wind across the moorland to cross the A57 Snake’s Pass and on to more relentless moorland up Devil’s Dyke – a large deep cutting in moorland top which feels like it is winding a lot before you finally reach Bleaklow Head and the descent down to Crowdon.

12path across bleaklow

Living in Marsden it was too tempting to walk on and make it home so from Crowden I motivated my dad with ice-cream from the visitors centre before dragging him onwards.

The path becomes less barren as it rises up and crosses Laddows Rocks. From here much of the path is now paved to prevent erosion to the peat. Black Hill summit is a bit less barren than this now!

20 laddows rocks
23 black hill

The paving continues down the other side from Black Hill trig point and down to meet the  A635 at the top of the Wessenden Valley.

25 view into holmfirth

From here it was getting dark as we crossed to descend the Wessenden Valley and follow the route between Black Moss and Swellands Reservoirs to meet the A62 at Standedge.

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  1. Hey Tinkerbell! I’m over in the UK next week, and have a spare few days that I was thinking of spending in the Peaks District, and thought that you and your blog might be a good place to start for ideas! Have you done much in the area besides the Pennine Way? Would you recommend anything in particular for a 2 day exploration of the area? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jessica, I’ve grown up in the north bit of the Peak District so I can definitely recommend the area. (Providing the weather is kind to you!)
      I guess it depends whereabouts you will be, but I can recommend:
      – Holmfirth in the north, lots of pubs and shops for the rainy days and lots of walks around reservoirs and onto the moorlands.
      – Edale/Castleton – there’s a great walk between the two villages over Lose hill and Mam Tor and there is plenty plenty of pubs and shops. Edale is at the bottom of the pennine way and is central to the Peak District. Easy to get to as well from Manchester and Sheffield cities.
      I don’t know the southern end of the area as well but its also not as wild so it depends what you want to see. The National Park website is a great starting point:
      I hope you have a great time! Let me know where you get to.

      1. Thank you!! I’m glad you had a good time in Edale and I love your photos, I’m impressed you got good weather!

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