Following the Roman Road to Hadrian’s Wall – Day 11

I’m not exactly a purist, always happy to get off the beaten track to get to where I’m going. But when tackling the Pennine way the whole point is that you remain on the route as much as possible. Alston to Greenhead was one of the only days on the route that I had wished I’d taken an alternative path to get to where I was going. Ok, that’s a bit unfair as there are some really lovely sections along the route, but there are also some very boggy bits!

Alston to Greenhead (16 Miles/26 km)

So be warned, look at the map carefully and decide if you really want to bog trot over moors or head along the South Tyne trail for part of the way, which uses the old train line and runs along the valley bottom. Its possible to take this route as far as Lambley before picking up the Pennine Way again. You could go all the way to Haltwistle if you wished, but then you’d be missing out the day walking along Hadrian’s Wall which would be a shame.

Alston is only a small market town but boasts the fame of being the highest in England.


From Alston the path briefly follows the river before crossing the A689 and heading up onto the fells. The route becomes immediately boggy as it heads across the moorland, crossing Gilderdale Burn and back across the A689.DSCF6111 DSCF6118DSCF6119

As the route crosses under the old railway line there are some fantastic viaducts and wild garlic growing by the river. (Its a good job I’m a solo walker!)


From Burnstone the path then follows the old Roman road towards Greenhead and Hadrian’s Wall, across more moorland and eventually farmland. If you want to head for Greenhead village then you can’t escape this bit of the route, its very beautiful but pretty boggy!


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